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Currently, available research shows EMF exposure can cause the following health risks to our bodies: (click a link to learn more)




  1.     Cellular and DNA Damage     
  2.     Fetal and Child Development     
  3.     Cancer    
  4.     Fertility Issues    
  5.     Miscarriages    
  6.     Child Behavioral Issues
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  8.     RF/EMF/5G
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The Bottom Line:  We can’t say for sure, because we don’t know.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Here’s the dilemma: the x-ray was first invented in 1895 and the science is clear: limit exposure as much as possible. The technology we find ourselves utilizing on a more regular basis – daily - and at all ages, like cell phone technology/smart devices, is just too new. It goes without saying that more research is needed to determine exactly how the new technology we utilize today impacts our bodies or will impact our bodies years from now.

What we do know is that RF and EMF safety concerns have caught the attention of many safety organizations and citizens worldwide.  Perhaps it’s better to err on the side of caution and be proactive to protect ourselves from EMF radiation emitted from our home Wifi, cell phones, and electronics.  More importantly, let’s make sure we do the best we can to take precautionary actions for our children and their future health. 

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