1 in 4 known pregnancies can lead to a miscarriage, most commonly occurring in the first trimester.  A 2017 Kaiser Parmanente study followed 900 women through their pregnancies tracking their amount of EMF exposure using a device over typical 24hr periods. The results of the study were shocking and found that expectant mothers who fell into the “high exposure” category (75% of subjects) were nearly three times as likely to have a miscarriage compared to the “low exposure” group.


Besides cell phones, our EMF exposure also is due to environment and the EMF that exist in our homes where we spend a lot of our time.  A study investigated the effects of residential exposure on pregnant women.  It found that residential exposure to extremely low frequency EMF radiation has also shown to have a linkage to miscarriage.  This 2013 study focused on the effects of Extremely Low frequency EMF radiation on humans.  116 women, half of whom had experienced miscarriage, filled out questionnaires and had their homes tested for levels of EMF radiation. The group of women that had a miscarriage were found to have significantly higher levels of EMFs within their homes.

Corroborating evidence was also found in a case control study of 292 women.  The study looked at women who had spontaneous abortions and used statistical analysis to find that EMF radiation exposure due to cell phone usage may have a link to spontaneous abortions. (Source)


Preterm Birth:

Another cohort study looking at data from 55,000 pregnant women and their children observed no association with fetal growth or birth weight.  However, the researchers did find that maternal cell-phone use during pregnancy may be associated with shorter pregnancy duration and increased risk of preterm birth.  It was noted that these results should be interpreted with caution, since they may reflect stress during pregnancy or other residual confounding rather than a direct effect of cell-phone exposure. (Source)