Child Behavioral Issues

Studies have found a linkage between cell phone usage during pregnancy to fetal development issues and behavioral issues such as ADHD.

A 2010 study by researchers at UCLA spanning 29,000 children found that by age 7, there was a 50% increase in behavioral problems for children that had regular exposure to mobile phones in the womb and during early childhood. The behavioral problems included hyperactivity, attention disorders, and social issues. (Source)

A 2008 Danish epidemiologic study found an association between prenatal cellular telephone exposure and subsequent behavioral issues such as emotional and hyperactivity problems in the exposed school aged children. (Source)

A more significant and recent study showed that mice exposed to EMF radiation equivalent to cell phone usage in-utero were hyperactive and had impaired memory. (Source)

One Korean study found risks for ADHD in first grade children and followed them to ages 12–13.  “ADHD symptom risk showed association with mobile phone use for voice calls, but the association was limited to children exposed with relatively high blood lead levels.” (Source)  In other studies, it has also been shown that low-level exposures to MWR increases the permeability of the blood–brain barrier (Source). These two studies suggest that children exposed to lead who use cellphones might have increased blood lead levels in the brain.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have been a growing concern with the number of kids diagnosed on the spectrum to be 1 in 40 (Source).  Although no studies have confirmed a link, there have been studies comparing the effects of EMF and ASD biology.  Autism Spectrum Disorders are defined behaviorally, but studies looking at some of the underlying biology of those diagnosed show striking parallels to the physiological impact of EMF exposure including a compromised blood brain barrier, glutathione deficiency, and cellular oxidative stress.  It has also been noted that the rise in ASD diagnoses have corelated with the rise in wireless technology usage (Source, Source).