General Tips

Distance matters: The farther away from a device, the better for your body. For example, if you use a cellular phone on speaker 4 inches from your head, it reduces the RF by 1,000.
Wired is safer than wireless: Wired phone, corded music and gaming headsets, corded non-DECT landline, wired Internet connections , wired meters, wired thermostats, wired alarm systems, etc.
Your body is your temple: Be selective of wearable technology (optional devices vs medical devices).
Your home is your sanctuary: Be selective of what goes into your home. Turn off routers at night. Keep cell phones on airplane mode while you sleep, or keep them on but put them far away from your bed.
The stronger the signal, the better: Sounds counter-intuitive, but If the signal is poor, you’re getting more RF.
Air travel: Shield during air travel as landing prompts a huge surge of RF when everyone powers on their phones and/or turns off airplane mode.
If pregnant or trying to conceive:
  • Reduce your time on technology wherever possible.
  • When necessary, increase the distance from the device to your body wherever possible.
  • Text instead of call and keep the device as far away from your body as possible while doing so.
  • Use speaker or corded headset if you must do voice calls.
  • Consider your environment and its EMF exposure levels.
  • Shield yourself and your growing belly whenever possible.
  • Encourage your partner to take precautions as well.