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This adjustable BUMP band shields growing Baby from 99.9% of harmful EMF radiation, while also being anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-odor.

Designed to grow with Mama’s ever-expanding bump.

Can be worn under clothing or proudly sported on the outside. Ain’t no shame in being a conscientious mama from the get go!

One size fits most - adjust as you grow.


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• Technology is not going away. In fact, the world is becoming more and more reliant upon it. Knowing that a bubl® Bump effectively shields 99.99% of the EMF and RF emitted from the devices you interact with while pregnant makes us feel better that we’re doing the best we can for ourselves and our baby right from the start. • Just the knowledge that we are mitigating the possible risks of such technology use by protecting our bodies and our babies as best we can, is empowering in and of itself, and can serve as the first step along a more informed and intentional path with technology. • An EMF shield that blocks 99.99% of radiation is an effective and much more realistic option for ourselves and our growing baby than a) technology going away or b) living our lives inside of a bubble, which, let’s face it, isn’t going to happen. • Anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-static are bonus features ‘cause there’s enough to worry about while pregnant without having to fret about stinking or sticking! • Helps reduce exposure to EMF radiation, allowing your developing baby to grow without interference and the best environment possible. • Comfortably fits underneath clothing yet can also be worn proudly on the outside – here’s to rocking it loud and proud! • Super soft, lightweight and adjustable strap easily and comfortably fits around your expanding baby bump. • Machine washable – see instructions for more details.

• The bubl® Bump is designed to protect your growing baby, while in utero, by blocking harmful EMF and RF radiation emitted from electronic devices such as: computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, Wi-Fi enabled devices, utility smart meters, power lines, Bluetooth enabled devices, and microwave ovens, among other devices. • All bubl shielding products, including the Bump, boast a robust 99.99% (54 dB) shielding effectiveness as verified by an independent, third party FCC-recognized and NVLAP-accredited Laboratory. • Easily adjusts to grow with your expanding baby bump -- even comes with an additional extender for those who need a little extra space in the last trimester! • Can be worn under clothing or proudly sported on the outside. • Lightweight and easy to take with you, everywhere. • Super soft, yet durable design that should last a long time with proper care. • Anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-static are bonus features thanks to the properties inherent in silver and our bubl Bump’s construction. • Easy to use, comfortable and safe for everyday use.

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