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Let’s face it. Technology is here to stay. In many ways it makes life easier, but it also comes at a price. The cost to our long-term health and wellbeing remains to be fully seen, but studies already show that the EMF and radiation emitted from the devices is not healthy for our bodies at any age, particularly developing bodies, starting in the womb.

 As a mom, my spidey-sense was always up when it came to the techno world we live in and the impact it may have on our bodies, particularly growing bodies. One night, while making dinner, I watched Diane Sawyer report on cell phones and the amount of radiation frequency that permeated the brain of an average adult male. The harmful EMF and RF waves went about halfway through the man’s head. Then, when they showed those same cell phone waves completely permeate a child’s head, I knew my spidey-sense was right and I had to do something to protect my young son. bubl® was born. bubl has been protecting my entire family, starting in utero, continuing through breastfeeding, while Face Timing, gaming or working. It’s just become a part of our lives and maybe it will become part of yours too.

While we can’t realistically live in a bubble while waiting for more research to be done, we can make small interventions that can mitigate any potential risks. bubl blocks 99.9% of harmful EMF radiation and is specifically designed not to get in the way of you or your loved ones enjoying technology.

 At bubl, we are in relentless pursuit of knowing more, making the invisible risks around us more visible, and creating practical solutions so that your decision to safeguard yourself and your family, as best you can, is a no-brainer.


Because we can’t live in one,

Kelly and family