Behind bubl


One night, while making dinner, I watched Diane Sawyer report on cell phones and the amount of radiation frequency that permeated the brain of an average adult male. The harmful EMF and RF waves went about halfway through the man’s head. Then, when they showed those same cell phone waves completely permeate a child’s head, I knew I had to do something to protect my young son.  And Bubl® was born.


Kids absorb 60% more radiation than adults

EMF radiation has been linked to miscarriages, childhood leukemia, brain and heart tumors, childhood ADHD, ASD. It’s clear the potential for harmful effects on undeveloped fetuses and children is there.

In the years that have passed since that news story aired, the science against the harmful effects of EMF and radiation from Wi-Fi and cellular devices is mounting, schools outside of America are banning Wi-Fi from schools to protect young developing children, and I seem to learn, far too regularly, about more and more people with brain tumors. As a parent, I realize technology is not going away, and while I am not proposing that we live in a bubble, I do know that we can do better.  My son could not get his own device until I could create something to better protect his body. He was 7 when he started using the first bubl® Bib prototype, and it has just become part of his routine to this day. Now that he is older, he sports the bubl® shirt while gaming in front of his computer or while on his phone. My other children’s protection started while they were still in the womb from the outside-in with the bubl® Bump and then the bubl® Breast, Onesie and Bib once they were on the outside. The rest of my family uses the Bubl® Blanket, and my husband throws caution to the wind, but he also doesn’t wear sunscreen, so to each their own.

My mom always says, “When we know better, we do better.” While more research on the harmful effects of EMF and RF is definitely needed, there’s already enough research that has been done for us to feel compelled to empower our family and yours to better mitigate the risks of EMF and RF, short of living inside a bubble.    

Because we can’t live in one,